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Case Studies

Bittner Vending
Read how installing cashless has grown revenue and profitability for Bittner Vending.

Cajun Vending
Learn how moving to cashless has increased Cajun’s sales and reduced price sensitivity.

Product Briefs

Seed Cloud Overview
The end-to-end vending solution for web and mobile.

Seed Office Overview
Seed Office is the easy-to-use, cloud-based vending management system (VMS) for managing commissions, taxes, warehouse, cash accountability and other back office tasks.

Seed Cashless Overview
Seed Cashless is the cloud-based cashless vending solution for accepting card and mobile payments.

Seed Pro Overview
Seed Pro is a cloud-based vending intelligence solution that automates the thousands of decisions required to optimize your vending business every day.

Seed Delivery Overview
Seed Delivery is the easy-to-use, cloud and mobile solution for managing OCS (Office Coffee Service) and other delivery business. For OCS operators, Seed Delivery is available as a standalone product.


Security Infographic
An illustration of how hackers can and cannot get into your network.

Cashless Plus Infographic
A visual detailing the benefits of Seed Cashless Plus.