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Seed Office
Seed Office empowers your team to run mission critical functions like cash and product accountability, calculation of commissions and taxes, and reporting, through an intuitive user experience that’s simple and easy to use. As a cloud-hosted Vending Management Solution (VMS), your employees can focus on delivering stronger business results without worrying about servers, backups and other IT issues that consume valuable time. Seed Office is your VMS for the modern vending workforce.


Complete Accountability

  • Reconcile cash collected from machines with cash counted in your money room and cashless deposits in your bank account.
  • Track inventory in machines, warehouse(s) and vending trucks to minimize lost, stolen or spoiled merchandise.
  • Report on sales, inventory, cash, warehouse and more with easy-to-use filtering capabilities.
  • One-handed operation allows drivers to service machines quickly, accurately and in less time.
  • Familiarity with using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch minimizes training time.
  • Video Audit™ for cash accountability and Photo Audit™ for product accountability helps avoid expensive field audits.

Mobile Optimized Handheld

Simplified Commissions and Taxes

  • Create and print commissions with smart error checking to avoid data entry mistakes.
  • Build flexible commission plans that are easy to setup and change. Calculations include percentage of gross or net sales, automatic deductions of cashless fees and bottle deposits, stepped commissions and rates that vary by product.
  • Calculate sales taxes, including rates that vary by jurisdictions, split between state/county/city/etc., or vary by product.
  • Create reports for sales, inventory, profitability, merchandising, reordering and more.
  • Export reports to Excel with a simple click of a mouse.
  • Filter and sort reports to easily find the information needed and quickly resolve problems.
  • Save commonly used reports for future use.

Easy Reporting

Integrated Service Desk

  • Easily create service tickets and assign tickets to technicians using a simple web-based, drag and drop interface.
  • Instantly notify field technicians of issues in real time for faster service.
  • Proactively communicate with customers on resolution with real time machine alerts.


“Seed Office’s mobile optimization was a big deal for us – you can’t stand in front of a customer holding a decades-old brick device and claim to be modern.”

Shane Burleigh, City Coin Vending

“Having connected machines means we can bring transaction level data into our systems. We know exactly what is sold and when that sale occurred. We now have the ability to make better decisions.”

Joe Harris, Midwest Vending

“We are excited to modernize our aging vending business with an experienced and robust technology partner like Cantaloupe Systems.”

Tim Tenney, Pepsi Cola Hudson Valley

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