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The end-to-end vending solution from Cantaloupe Systems

All built on Seed Cloud: Mobile optimized • Telemetry/wireless • Cloud/web based

Cash and Product Availability

Reconcile cash collected from machines with cash counted in your money room, including automated data import from bill-and-coin counting machines.

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Warehouse Management

Manage warehouse, truck, and machine inventory to minimize shrink and ensure product accountability throughout your company.

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Equipment Service Dispatch

Easily create, assign, and close service tickets with your field technicians in real time using a simple web-based and mobile optimized application.

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Easily optimize planograms of individual machines to maximize service intervals, reduce spoils and boost sales.

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Saves time and money by knowing exact quantities and items that need replenishing for each machine.

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Dynamic Scheduling

Automatically prioritizes which machines need to be serviced, and creates schedules for you based on real-time and forecasted demand.

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Cashless and Mobile Payment Acceptance

Accept all credit and debit cards, mobile apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Integrated cash and cashless accountability provides simple one step reconciliation for all your sales.

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OCS / Delivery

Create and manage delivery/OCS invoices using Seed Mobile. Supports “sign-with-your-finger” email receipts, integrated web ordering and built in pre-pick support.

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Micro Market Management

Simplify your operations by standardizing on a single set of tools – route scheduling, warehouse pre-picking, and reporting for vending, markets and OCS.

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Reports your way with our easy-to-use, high-performance report writer that enables users to build, run and share customized reports about any part of their business without requiring database expertise or other advanced technical skills.

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