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100+ Years of Vending Experience to Help Grow Your Business™

Cantaloupe Systems’ Business Consultants are vending experts. Each Business Consulting team member has more than 20 years experience in vending; has run a multi-thousand-machine vending operation; and has held diverse roles from Route Driver, to Service Technician, to Operations Manager. Now, these industry veterans help Cantaloupe Systems deploy Seed Cloud™, and ensure new customers are successful after deployment through training, advice, and expert guidance.

Business Consultants also help vending operators modernize their business operations. Taking advantage of modern vending technology is an opportunity to improve long-standing operational practices around servicing machines, managing planograms, ensuring cash and product accountability, and other aspects of managing a vending business. For example, in a typical Seed Pro™ deployment, drivers end up filling 40% more product each day and bring back trucks nearly empty—but these improvements often have ripple effects requiring adjustment to driver compensation plans, warehouse check-in procedures, accountability practices, and more. Because Cantaloupe Systems’ Business Consultants have worked with hundreds of other operators in the same position, they can anticipate problems and help you proactively make improvements needed to smoothly make the transition to Seed Cloud.

Cantaloupe Systems’ Business Consultants typically assist with implementations of Seed Pro and Seed Office™. This help includes deployment, training, and ongoing assistance as needed.


Depending on your issues and needs, Business Consultants will deliver customized solutions to improve your business using a 4-step process:

  1. Outline key objectives and establish project scope.
  2. Perform data collection and rigorous analyses.
  3. Conduct training and knowledge transfer for you and your employees. This embeds best practices within your organization and ensures long-lasting, high-impact results.
  4. Generate performance feedback to measure improvement.

Typical results of this process include:

  • Merchandising practices implemented to use Seed Pro merchandising tools to periodically adjust planograms to improve turns and minimize spoilage. This includes adjusting product, par, and capacity as needed to prevent over-servicing a machine for only one top seller, but also to reduce par and capacity for low-selling items that would otherwise spoil.
  • If needed, data and process migration from an existing Vending Management System (VMS) to Seed Office.
  • Revamped cash accountability process to take into account increased visibility of real-time data, cash meter photo audits, and other tools.
  • Pre-kitting implementation, using pick-to-light, iPad, or paper-based pre-kit systems.
  • Money room adapted to use Seed Office’s cash counter integration.
  • Drivers are trained and made comfortable using the Seed Mobile™ driver handheld application.
  • Finance department is trained and made comfortable calculating commissions, taxes, and financial reports.
  • Warehouse teams are trained and made comfortable with Seed Office inventory management tools and procedures, including inventory, receiving, and driver check-in.
  • Adjusting the driver compensation model to account for increased efficiencies and fewer routes.
  • Service department is trained and made comfortable creating and managing service tickets using Seed.
  • Defining and clarifying new or adjusted roles and responsibilities for all members of your team.
  • Owners are provided clear metrics they can use to evaluate their teams’ success and identify areas for improvement both during and after implementation.
  • Many other business-optimizing improvements. We’ve got your back…because your success is our success!

Terry Hovis
A NAMA-Certified Executive (NCE5), 25+ year veteran of the vending industry, and experienced Seed Cloud expert, Terry has mastered every level of the vending business from route driver to senior manager. Before joining Cantaloupe Systems, Terry managed a 250-person operation at Choice Refreshments and Tampa Bay Vending. He’s also been a route supervisor, area manager, public relations and customer retention manager, and a district manager overseeing vending operations in three major metropolitan areas in Florida. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Terry holds an A.S. degree in business from Coastal Carolina College.

Jason Pardue
With almost 25 years in vending industry experience, Jason began his career with North County Vending (NCV), the largest independent vending operator west of the Rockies. Jason started as a route driver and ended up working in almost every aspect of NCV’s 13-branch business, including roles as Machine Refurbishment Tech, Field Tech, Route Supervisor, Branch Manager, Service Manager, and Senior Operations manager. Jason spearheaded NCV’s use of advanced technology, and was instrumental in NCV becoming first large operator to deploy the Seed Cloud, including the first large-scale use of Dynamic Scheduling and the first multi-branch deployment of Seed.

Jake Graham
With almost 30 years of experience in the vending industry, in roles ranging from service technician to senior manager, Jake Graham has seen it all. Before joining the Cantaloupe Systems team, Jake was the Mid-South District Manager for the United States Navy’s vending operations. Before joining the Navy Exchange, Jake was North Florida District Manager at Tampa Bay Vending, managing a 250-person, 5-location vending operation. Before that, he held Route Supervisor and Senior Technician roles at Quality Snacks Vending in Tallahassee, FL. Jake started his vending career as a service tech working for Canteen.

Terry Rinck
With over 20 years of experience in the vending industry, Terry has proven himself at all levels and positions.  His most recent experience was with Custom Food Group where he served as the Operation Controller.  Other positions he has held include Supervisor, Account Manager, and Route Driver.  Terry was also the project manager who oversaw his multi-branch operation transition from Streamware to Seed Office.  Terry holds a B.S. degree in Accounting and Business Management from Western State College.


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