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seed pro savings calculator

Where to Go, When to Go, What to Take™


How much can you save with Seed Pro?

Try our simple savings calculator below to get an idea of how much Seed Pro can save you. Once you’ve done this quick calculation, if you want to learn more about saving with Seed Pro, one of our trained specialists will work with you to do a customized analysis.


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We just need a bit of information on your operation:

1. Are you currently dexing with a handheld for cash accountability?

2. Are you currently pre-kitting by the machine using forecasting?

3. How many total machines do you operate? (Snacks, Drinks, Glassfront Drinks, Cold Food, Coffee)?

4. How many routes do you run on average every day?

5. What are your annual sales?

6. What are your annual route costs for all your routes (labor, insurance, payments, maintenance)?

Approximate Annual Savings with Seed Pro

Route Savings
Increased Sales Margin
Bill/Coin Jam Savings
Shrink Savings
Fuel Savings
Total Annual Operational Savings
(Route Efficiencies, Machine Uptime)

Learn more about where to go, when to go, and what to take with Seed Pro. Give us a call at 415.525.8100 or send us an email to learn more about Seed Pro, Seed Cloud, and Smarter Vending.