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Seed Delivery Now Supports OCS-Only Operators and Adds New Customers, New Features

Cantaloupe Systems to Showcase Seed Delivery at NAMA’s Coffee, Tea and Water Show – November 2-4 in Booth 315

San Francisco, CA – October 27, 2015 – Cantaloupe Systems, the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending solution, today announced its standalone solution for the Office Coffee Service (OCS) market, Seed Delivery. It fulfills the need of OCS vendors with no vending business to replace paper-based invoices with iPads, expensive postage with email, and labor-intensive phone ordering with self-service web ordering. For operators with both vending and OCS business, Seed Delivery continues to be available as an add-on to Seed Office™, the cloud-and-mobile Vending Management Solution (VMS) from Cantaloupe Systems.

Seed Delivery eliminates problems that plague traditional OCS management systems that need on-premise servers and expensive and antiquated handhelds. Traditional OCS software also relies heavily on paper invoicing and statements—even if invoices must be manually converted back into digital form when submitting to accounting. Finally, if operators want to leverage e-commerce capabilities that customers often prefer, traditional OCS software requires complex and expensive IT integrations to enable online ordering. Seed Delivery solves these and many other challenges for operators.

Seed Delivery adoption continues to accelerate and currently handles the OCS business of many vending operators, including Accent Food Services, Gulp-It!, Inc., K&R Vending and Rendezvous Music & Vending.

“Our customers are excited that Seed Delivery can modernize their OCS and help them build a smarter delivery business. This excitement has been translating into fast adoption. Usage of Seed Delivery doubled in the last 3 months—including both new operators and existing operators selling more on existing routes—and usage is on track to double again before the end of 2015,” said Anant Agrawal, President and Co-Founder of Cantaloupe Systems, “It’s already the fastest-growing product in Cantaloupe’s history, and growth continues to accelerate.”

Seed Delivery includes the Seed Mobile™ driver handheld app for iPhones, iPads, or under-$200 iPod Touch devices. Optimized for one-handed operation, Seed Mobile helps drivers service more locations in less time. It includes features like paperless invoicing with signature capture, “swipe to pick” for picking large orders without a paper checklist, and Photo Audit™ to capture photos of delivery locations.

“Seed Delivery has helped us integrate OCS into our vending operations and financials,” said George Grobowsky, owner of Gulp-It!, Inc., a vending and OCS operator in Houston. “Our drivers carry one iPad Mini or iPod Touch device and can do everything—from filling vending machines to entering OCS orders to capturing signatures—right there in the device. No more messing around with paper!”

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Seed Delivery continues to quickly improve over time, with new features frequently coming online without users having to upgrade any software or pay any additional fees. For example, the September 2015 release included an Automated Recurring Billing feature, which automatically creates invoices for recurring charges and, if requested, automatically emails those invoices to customers. This feature alone can save a typical OCS operator thousands of dollars in labor and postage every year.

“When we released Seed Delivery last year, our goal was to provide vending operators the same efficiency on the OCS side of their business that Seed Pro™ and Seed Office provide on the vending side. With Seed Delivery, they avoid the inefficiency of clunky old-school handheld devices and the waste involved with doing everything on paper,” said Justin Grant, Vice President of Product at Cantaloupe Systems. “But when we released Seed Delivery for vending operators, we had unexpected demand from non-vending OCS operators who were frustrated with current OCS software solutions. So we built a dedicated version of Seed Delivery just for them, with a streamlined user experience that’s not cluttered with vending features that OCS-only operators don’t need.”

Cantaloupe Systems will be at the upcoming NAMA Coffee, Tea and Water Conference in Washington DC taking place November 2-4. Stop by Booth 315 to test drive Seed Delivery in person and learn more about our Modern Solutions for Vending and OCS.



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