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Canteen to Deploy Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Pro Across All Branches

San Francisco, CA – September 27, 2016 – After years of collaboration, Canteen and Cantaloupe Systems are deploying Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Pro™ across all Canteen branches. Seed Pro is being integrated with iVend, Canteen’s proprietary VMS, for a unique, complete end-to-end solution.

Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Pro is a patented, cloud-based analytics system. It delivers easy to use dynamic scheduling, accurate pre-kitting, smarter alerts, and optimized merchandising to vending, OCS, and markets operators.

Seed Pro is enabling Canteen’s branches to improve customer service and route efficiency on a broad scale while reducing their carbon footprint. Beyond that, the significant improvements to workflow are targeted to increase associate satisfaction for Canteen’s route drivers.

Seed Pro has already been deployed in several Canteen branches throughout the USA. At those branches, Canteen was able to increase route productivity by around 40% by servicing the right machines at the right time. The improvements delivered by Seed Pro allowed the branches to reduce their out-of-stocks to less than one on average per machine visit. This resulted in higher customer satisfaction via better uptime and well-stocked machines. Branches were able to implement pre-kitting with minimal out-of-stocks. Pre-kitting in turn streamlined route drivers’ job and workload, which has reduced driver turnover.

“Cantaloupe Systems is delighted to bring smart analytics to the largest vending company in the world,” said Mandeep Arora, Cantaloupe Systems Co-founder and CEO. “We’re here to help our clients deliver better service to their customers. With Seed Pro in place across the country, Canteen will maximize the profitability and competitiveness of their branches.”

“Canteen is committed to innovation and growth,” said Peter Fetherston, Canteen CEO. “After evaluating several options, we decided to partner with Cantaloupe Systems because their analytics tools are adding value for our branches as we constantly strive to improve customer service, associate engagement, and productivity.”

About Canteen
Canteen is the largest provider of unattended retail, office coffee and pantry services in the United States. Founded in 1929, Canteen has a long and rich history in the vending industry, and in 1994 Canteen was acquired by Compass Group, the largest foodservice company in the world. Backed by Compass’ scale and support, Canteen has re-invested in its business and evolved its service offerings to now include thousands of self-service micro markets (under the Avenue C brand) and a leading position in the office coffee and pantry segments of the market. Canteen’s strategy is to drive further growth through consumer-driven, technology-enabled innovations, while maintaining its focus on consistently delivering exceptional service to its clients and customers.

About Cantaloupe Systems
Cantaloupe Systems is the refreshment industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile solutions for vending, OCS, and micro markets. The Seed Cloud platform is an end-to-end solution for cashless and mobile payments, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting and merchandising, and inventory management…all accessible by any mobile device. With a combined 100+ years’ experience, Cantaloupe Systems’ expert consultation team can help operators modernize their refreshment services business resulting in increased revenue, greater route efficiencies and streamlined back office administration.  Vending, OCS, and micro market operators around the world rely on Cantaloupe Systems’ innovative solutions to give them full control and visibility over their operations, their inventory, and their people so they can more proactively, predictably, and competitively run their business. Learn more at cantaloupesys.com.