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Cantaloupe Systems Awarded Fourth Patent for Its Dynamic Scheduling Technology

Vending Operators using Seed Pro Dynamic Scheduling Reduce Route Costs by 40% On Average

San Francisco, CA – March 1, 2016 –Cantaloupe Systems, the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end Vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) delivery solution, today announced that it has received its fourth patent on the industry-proven Dynamic Scheduling technology that determines the optimal set of machines to visit every day to maximize both quality of service and route efficiency by balancing sold-out products, sales velocity, time since service, and other metrics. While other imitators may use the term Dynamic Scheduling, only Cantaloupe Systems provides a fully automated solution that optimizes routes with minimal office labor and employs patented analytics to improve profitability and increase fleet efficiency by an average of 40 percent.

“Being awarded the patent on this technology is a great validation of our 15-year-effort to upgrade the vending industry from inefficient gut-feel guessing to data-driven actionable analytics that determine where to go and what to take,” said Anant Agrawal, President and Co-Founder, Cantaloupe Systems, “but the real satisfaction comes from knowing that the efficiencies that our customers have achieved, like 40 percent route-cost reductions and a growing number of million-dollar routes, are fully protected by Cantaloupe’s intellectual property. We’re honored to be recognized as an innovator in the vending industry.”

Automated Dynamic Scheduling is a key underlying technology for Seed Pro, Cantaloupe Systems’ cloud-based vending intelligence solution that automates the thousands of decisions required to optimize an operator’s business every day. Seed Pro automatically tells operators which machines to visit, how much product to take to each machine, how to merchandize each machine’s planogram and how to tell which machines are broken and what they should do about it. All of this is achieved automatically without the overhead of having to manually pour over mountains of machine data just to optimize daily route functions.

Seed Pro is a powerful data analytics software that produces clear, easy-to-follow automated recommendations for scheduling, picking, repairing, merchandising for margin and service efficiency, and other operational tasks for both online and offline machines. Whether in the office or on the go with a tablet or smartphone, Seed Pro customers can instantly login online to check or change anything with no servers to buy or software to install.

To protect the vending industry from copycat products that claim to offer ‘Dynamic Scheduling’ but can’t deliver the real efficiencies that operators expect, Cantaloupe Systems will begin evaluating the market to determine if any software vendors or operators are infringing today, and it will be carefully monitoring new products for infringement. It intends to vigorously preserve and protect the compelling competitive advantage its customers derive from this innovative, patented technology.

From Cantaloupe Customers:
“Cantaloupe Systems has allowed us to improve route efficiencies well beyond our expectations.”Lance Whorton, Imperial Vending (Tulsa, OK)

“We’re significantly increasing route sales. We’ve seen revenue per machine per route increase from about $100 to about $250 and seen service costs decrease from 15 percent to 8 percent of operating expenses.”Joe Harris, Midwest Vending (Burnsville, MN)

“Seed Pro has completely changed what we believe to be operationally possible. Most of our routes are now doing more than $1,000,000 per year, which we never thought was possible before.”Steve Marx, Royal Vending (Maple Grove, MN)


About Cantaloupe Systems
Cantaloupe Systems is the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending solution for cashless vending, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting and merchandising and inventory management…all accessible by any mobile device. With a combined 100+ years vending experience, Cantaloupe Systems’ expert consultation team can help vending operators modernize their vending business resulting in increased revenue, greater route efficiencies and streamlined back office administration. Hundreds of customers, with hundreds of thousands machines connected, rely on Cantaloupe Systems’ innovative solutions to give them full control and visibility over their operations, their inventory and their people so they can more proactively, predictably and competitively run their business. Learn more about smarter vending at cantaloupesys.com.

Cantaloupe Systems is backed by Global Environment Fund of Chevy Chase, MD., and Foundation Capital of Menlo Park, CA.


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