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5 Ways to Get the Best Out of Product Merchandising

If you were to think about how you can increase revenue, implementing the right product merchandising plan in vending machines would be one the first answers you would come up with. Customers are almost always willing to pay for the right product, displayed at the right vending machine, and at the right time.That’s why merchandising in vending machines needs to be looked at carefully. (more…)

Reduce Operational Costs With Cashless

With customer service emerging as one of the key differentiating factors that sets one vending machine operator from another, giving your customers a cashless payment option might be the key to getting more customers on board, servicing larger locations and increasing your number of routes. Reducing operational costs and improving margins is essential to stay competitive in the vending industry. Here are 6 ways you can reduce operational costs by going cashless.   (more…)

The Little Orange Box that Brought Tax Parity to Vending Operators

Steve Marx, CEO of Royal Vending, shares his story about leveraging a little orange box (Seed Device) that “became the eye opening piece” to getting the recent tax parity for vending operators bill passed in Minnesota.  The new law remedies an inequality in Minnesota tax laws regarding the taxation of items sold through vending machines, and now extends the same tax exemptions for food products commonly sold at convenience and grocery stores, to vending machines. (more…)