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All-in-One Cashless, Vending, and OCS Solutions

Cantaloupe Systems makes software that helps vending, and OCS operators be more efficient and profitable. Operators use Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Cloud solutions to enable:

  • Cashless vending
  • Dynamic route scheduling
  • Pre-kitting and merchandising
  • Inventory management
  • OCS

With Seed Cloud, operators can generate higher revenue and profit margin from each machine. They can also offer better customer service through improved visibility to machines and through cashless vending.

Seed Cloud

Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Cloud is comprised of Seed Office, Seed Cashless, Seed Pro, and Seed Delivery.

Operators using Seed Cloud:

  • Average $35,000+ in annual savings per route
  • Replenish an average of 80% more machines per week
  • Eliminate up to 40% of truck travel, with lighter loads per truck

Seed Office

This cloud-hosted Vending Management Solution (VMS) gives operators visibility to all machines, truck routes, inventory, and more.

Learn more about Seed Office here.

Seed Cashless

Fewer people are carrying cash these days. Seed Cashless lets operators accept more payment options, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

Learn more about Seed Cashless here.

Seed Pro

Seed Pro uses data to help operators optimize schedules and generate accurate pre-kitted machine orders that save driver time. It lets operators monitor machines 24/7 to catch any malfunctions as soon as they happen, and simplifies tax and commission payments.

Learn more about Seed Pro here.

Seed Delivery

Operators can bring their OCS business online with Seed Delivery, using the same easy-to-use interface as the rest of Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Cloud solutions.

Learn more about Seed Delivery here.


Cantaloupe Systems Founders

Cantaloupe Systems was founded in 2002 by Mandeep Arora, a second-generation vending professional, and Anant Agrawal.

Their vision is to help vending evolve from an intuition-based business to a science-based business.

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